The Photographer and her Paw PawMy name is Andrea Jayne Shives, and I love photography. I am self-taught, ever-learning, and passionate about capturing the moment with a fun, personal touch. When you hire me, you can be sure you’re going to get a vibrant and classy photo every time!

I am a Rockford, Illinois native, but struck out on my own and lived in Pennsylvania for 12 years before coming back to Illinois. (16 hours in a car, you guys.) While in Pennsylvania my desire to learn photography grew and I soon found myself taking the camera along with me everywhere I went.

I’m a fun, sassy, outgoing person, and that’s reflected in the photos I take. As a photographer, my only goal is to capture everything that’s unique about my subject and have that fun moment live forever. I want my clients to love their photos and I do everything I can to make the experience awesome!

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