Family Portraits

Kelsey, Chris & Miss T

I just met this lovely family, and I have to say that they are such nice folk! Their daughter Miss T was born the same day as her cousin, Miss H (see below), and is equally adorable. I had a blast being their photographer!

Ashley, Joe & Miss H

I’ve known Joe since he was young enough for Chuck E. Cheeses. My brother was at Joe’s house more than ours! Joe and Ashley are awesome people, and their daughter is sooo cute! We hung out at Sinnissippi Park today in Rockford and had a blast—autumn is pretty much the perfect time for portraits.

Andrea, Eric & G

I may be biased, but my family is adorable!  This is my brother and his family, and they are so comical, lovely, and photogenic.  As a photographer, I’m incredibly lucky that they let me take their picture so often!  Especially my niece, who I’m pretty sure wants to be behind the camera just as much as in front of it (don’t worry, I’m planning to teach her!).