NEWBORNS 2 hours Includes 20-25 edited photos and one specialty printed item $150
1-1.5 hours Includes 30-35 edited photos $125
SENIORS 1.5 hours Includes 18-20 edited photos $100
FAMILIES 1.5 hours Includes 30-35 edited photos $150
ENGAGEMENT 1.5 hours Includes 50-60 edited photos $200

Prints from A. Jayne Shives Photography | Rockford, IL Photographer
You may choose either a photo CD with full printing rights, or to purchase prints from the store. Totally up to you!


Weddings are so unique to each couple. Call or email me to get more information about how to hire me for a wedding. There are many details that factor in to it, but my fee covers up to 8 hours, including any set-up shots, the ceremony, and the reception. Contact me to find out how I can make your wedding day easier on you! $650